Weimar College Projects

Weimar College exists to help our students gain one thing. That one thing is the foundation of all true education and service. It is the only real safeguard against temptation. It is the only thing that can make us like God in character. It is A Knowledge of God.

Weimar College was founded to impart a knowledge of God to its students. To do this, we embrace the principle that God offers the best, most effective methods of education, and that only by following these methods can we be sure of imparting true education to our students.

  • Weimar College Philippines Mission Trip 2017

    Weimar College Philippines Mission Trip 2017

    Experience Mission, Experience the Philippines, and Experience God’s Love. This year Weimar College’s mission trip is to Penaranda in the Philippines. The trip is scheduled for May 22 –… more»

  • College Worthy Student Fund

    College Worthy Student Fund

    By giving to this scholarship fund you allow students to gain not only the Weimar experience, but a firm hold on their life’s mission. Through your generous gifts to this program we can… more»

  • College Capital Improvement Fund

    College Capital Improvement Fund

    Our facilities are in need of constant upgrade so we can provide the best education possible to our students. Help us maintain comfortable study environments, adequate dorm space, up-to-date… more»

  • Proposed Nursing Program

    Proposed Nursing Program

    The proposed Nursing Program will provide a source of trained professionals for NEWSTART Global health evangelism along with the Health Evangelism and Leadership Training for Him (HEALTH).… more»